IndorseSign Platform

IndorseSign Platform is an Advanced Digital Transactions, Content and Process management Platform for signing, sealing, endorsing documents.

IndorseSign Platform Capabilities

The easiest way to obtain Signature from your Customers, Citizens, Employees or Suppliers

Digital Transaction Management


Document content Annotation on content drawing or typing.

Signer, Sealer or Endorse Enrollment of signature, seal or stamp user consent.

Authorization of Enrollment to manage Signer, Sealer or Endorse Authority.

Digital Signature of your Customers, Employees or Supplier for Content Approval.

Digital Seal for proof of Content Authenticity and Ownership.  

Digital Endorse of a signed document, for Approval of Content and Signer(s) Authorization.

Digital Lock & Unlock documents, for document content data leakage prevention.

Validate digital documents transaction identity , integrity and authorization.

Manage Employees, Customers, Citizens, Suppliers and Groups Permissions and Authorization.

Content Management


Indexing of Content and metadata

Search & Filter Content by content or metadata.

Manage Content Permissions

Filling PDF Forms

Manage Rule-Content-based Automation

Manage Libraries (Workspace) for Content Collaboration

Manage Content Versions for updated content.

Add Comments to Content

Edit Microsoft Office File

Edit File Offline

Process Management


Start a Sequential or a Parallel Task to Employee Customer, Citizen, Supplier or Groups.

Attach additional files to a task.

Notifications sent by email or sent to Mobile to perform a task.

Reminders sent by email or sent to Mobile to perform a task.

Perform a Task assignment based on the task description.

Manage Rule-Task-based Automation.

Task can can performed via API from a business application.

Task History inquiries.

Task Reports.

IndorseSign Platform Benefits


  • Increase Efficiency
  • Lower Costs of Operation
  • Accelerate Productivity
  • Facilitate Remote Working


  • Legal Protection
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Eliminate Corruption
  • Peace of Mind


  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • On board Customers remotely
  • Close Deals Faster
  • Eliminate Manual Work

Why IndorseSign Platform?


Highly Customizable

  • Integrate easily with different data sources to make faster and better decisions.
  • Supports complex workflows.
  • The ability to develop additional features.
  • Single place for your users to complete the work.

Enterprise-Class Platform

  • Powerful Content & Process Engine
  • Automation Services.
  • Encryption at Rest.
  • High Availability (Clustering).
  • On-Prem & Cloud Deployment.
  • Multi-tenant.

Security & Compliance

  • The platform is Integrated with trusted government identity providers.
  • A platform user can obtain signatures from national or international users using accredited Certificate Authorities.
  • The platform authenticate users with the most secure 2FA.  

Choose the Right Platform Plan

On Public Cloud

IndorseSign Platform Annual Subscription User license deployed on Public Cloud instance.

  • Hosting Fees included.
  • Installation & Server License Fees included.
  • Branding not allowed.

On Private Cloud

IndorseSign Platform Annual Subscription User license installed on Private Cloud instance.

  • Hosting Fees not included. 
  • Installation & Server License Fees not included.
  • Branding allowed for a Fee. 

On Premise

IndorseSign Platform Annual Subscription User license installed on On Premise instance.

  • Hardware cost not included. 
  • Installation & Server License Fees not included.
  • Branding allowed for a Fee. 

IndorseSign Platform is Integrated with Local and Global Certificate Authorities (CA) and CA Subscriptions are per Entity/Department, User or per Transaction.

Compliance : European eIDAS regulations, Saudi e-Transaction Act and ESIGN Act

IndorseSign is in full compliance with local and International electronic signature laws and regulations. The platform can use certificates issued by any Certificate Authority (CA) in any country.

IndorseSign integrates seamlessly and securely with basic, advanced or qualified trust service providers and CAs.

Be a part of Digital transformation

Be among the pioneers to take the benefit of the next wave in digitizing businesses. Digitizing processes that requires signatures will open new doors for innovation and increased efficiency and productivity.