IndorseSign Integrations

You can embed IndorseSign API into your applications. 

IndorseSign Sign API

You can Embed IndorseSign API’s in Entity Applications if:

  • Your customers, suppliers or employees are using an external application
  • The business wants them to digitally sign documents
  • The business wants them to digitally sign documents in the external application

How to use IndorseSign API’s

  • Log in to the external Application
  • The external Application calls IndorseSign API’s with document and signer Information
  • Customer, supplier or employee reviews the document and places his signature on the document page
  • After a customer, supplier or employee saves their signature on document, they get authenticated.
  • If authentication is successful then, the signed document is returned to the external Application

Added features to IndorseSign Embedding

Signers can additionally use IndorseSign platform to do the following:

  • Enroll signers’ visible signatures.
  • Provide proof of signers’ authorization to sign.
  • Authorize signer’s enrollment.
  • Control the signers’ number of transactions.

Requirements to Embed IndorseSign API’s

  • IndorseSign is deployed on-cloud or on-premise can communicate with Users Application
  • Users Application can communicate with IndorseSign
  • IndorseSign can communicate with Certificate Authority (CA)