IndorseSign Platform for Customers/Citizens

IndorseSign Platform remote digital services provide a simpler, secure and efficient way to perform their digital document transactions.

Customers and citizens can enjoy the ease of use and the efficiency that digitization provides with assurance that their transaction processing in government or business application is simple and secure.

Why use IndorseSign?


Signing on the go

IndorseSign works on your mobile, tablet, laptop. The data is in the cloud and you get a message when you need to sign something

Easy upload

You can scan to upload documents Or drag documents from your desktop

File search

IndorseSign makes sure that you can easily and quickly find your documents.

File storage

IndorseSign has an electronic filing cabinet with all the documents you have signed and that does not necessarily have to be contracts
You can also add diplomas or other documents to IndorseSign


IndorseSign offers you the possibility to write a letter and to lock its contents to be available to addressee at a certain date and time that you have specified

Email notification

When you send a document over to sign, the other party will receive an email with the request to review and sign your document
Once your document is signed you will receive a message

Digitally sign, store and manage official documents

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