IndorseSign for Business

IndorseSign transforms the way documents are managed in large corporations

Take control

With IndorseSign businesses can keep control of signed documents by department or entity endorsement.

This assures customers and suppliers that the decision to approve these documents were endorsed by the authorized department or entity employee.

IndorseSign does not allow an employee who approved a transaction to endorse. This guarantees that there is an authorization proof on the document

Industries that benefit from IndorseSign

Financial Sector

Banks use IndorseSign so their customers can sign documents using the Bank’s online application. Banks also use IndorseSign to Seal and save customers the time and efforts to get a Report with the bank seal.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturers can use IndorseSign to record manufacturing transactions so they can have secure digital signed records that they can analyze and automate for quality assurance and risk management.


Service entities can use IndorseSign to reduce cost and provide HR Services to serve transactional based economy. This can be done by dividing their services to tasks which they can sell for better customer satisfaction and quality control

Retail & Distribution

Distributors and Retailers can digitize their merchandise items, receivables, ordering and payables transactions using IndorseSign to secure their transaction and save costs while keeping a high level of audit and compliance

How to deploy IndorseSign 



You can choose to host IndorseSign in your own datacenter so that you are fully in control of where your data is located and who has access to it



All your documents are securely stored in a cloud environment that complies with European privacy rules (GDPR)