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Indorse Services, based in Saudi Arabia and with an office in the Netherlands, is led by founder & CEO Mohammed Geoffrey . A visionary & innovator aiming towards ridding the world of paper based transactions, increase efficiency, productivity and to protect public and private entities from corruption, fraud and espionage

  • A company was established to provide financial and distribution solutions using Oracle Financial applications and website development


The company started to develop the electronic certification platform for employees of Saudi Chambers after entering into an agreement with the Council of Saudi Chambers

  • The experimental application started in the Riyadh Chamber.

  • Agreement with the Jeddah Chamber to implement the electronic certification system using a digital certificate for the Jeddah Chamber
  • Beginning to develop the digital business platform used by government, commercial, and individual facility employees and install the first platform in the Bin Laden Group

  • Installing the platform as one of the cloud services provided by Saudi Telecom Company. The service was sold to Jamjoom Pharmaceutical Factory and International Center Hospital in Jeddah. Indorse Services limited liability company was established and partnered with Ajyiad Global Holding Company
  • Developing a new interface that works on the fixed computer, mobile and mobile, and offer platform services as a service on the cloud or as a service at the customer’s infrastructure headquarters

  • Started the integration with Saudi  CA and Identity service providers to provide IndorseSign for financial and commercial entities.

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IndorseSign is a member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). The Cloud Signature Consortium is a group of industry and academic organizations committed to building a new standard for cloud-based (remote) digital signatures that will support web and mobile applications and comply with the most demanding electronic signature regulations in the world.

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We had a daunting task of managing contracts of 70,000 employees in the HR department, IndorseSign made our work seamlessly easier by implementing the ability to sign bulk documents at once and storing it in a secure folder, also including the option of signing individually. This has saved us a lot of time and made our work more organized and efficient.

Hassan Alattas, HR Director
Saudi BinLaden Group

We spent most of our day reviewing and signing SOP’s. Using IndorseSign, these SOPs can be reviewed and signed by 3 managers and distribute the SOP signed documents links to our employee’s ERP account. These SOPs can be updated and signed at any time. IndorseSign enabled employees to follow SOP instructions without the need to physically deliver and retrieve the old SOP version. IndorseSign saved us time in reviewing, signing and distribution.

Jamjoom Pharma Factory
Mahmood Jamjoon, General Manager

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